Our Candidates

For Newfield Town Board:

Heather McCarty: “I’ve lived in Newfield for almost 10 years, and serving as a member of
the Newfield Town Board will be an opportunity to become more involved
in the community and to support and further the work that the current
board has accomplished.

I am especially concerned with environmental issues and the climate
crisis. I believe it is important to keep the fracking ban and
comprehensive plan in place. I also plan to work on Newfield’s
participation in New York’s Climate Smart Communities Network.

From my work on non-profit boards and other organizations I have come
to value the inclusion of diverse voices in decision making, and have seen that
listening to all sides is crucial to making a sound decision that will
serve the good of the whole. As a town board member, I plan to focus on
community involvement in decision making, and look forward to hearing
diverse opinions on local issues.

I served as a board member of Ithaca Community Recovery from 2012 to
2016, and served as Secretary for two of those years. I was a member of
the Northern Lights Learning Center board from 2010 to 2012, and served
as chair.

I received a BFA in graphic design from Carnegie-Mellon University in
1988, and I work as a graphic designer and illustrator. I also own and
manage a home building and remodeling business, Feirman Builders, Inc.
with my husband, Jeffrey Feirman. We have two grown children. I am a
third generation organic gardener, and enjoy making donations of surplus
produce to the Newfield Food Hub and Food Pantry.”

Casey Powers:

“I am Casey Powers and I am a candidate for the Newfield Town Board. I have had the pleasure of serving the Newfield community for the past eight years and would be honored to continue to work for our community for another four years.

Our Town Board has worked hard during the eight years I have been a member. The Town Board adopted our Comprehensive Plan that our Planning Board had been working on for several years. We worked on and passed many new laws including the Road Use and Preservation Law, Solid Waste Management Law, Wind Energy Law, ad a Solar Law. We upgraded our town’s water system by adding a new water tank and repairing our old tank. We have been fiscally responsible and have kept our town’s yearly budget within the NY State Tax Cap.

My family chose to move to Newfield in 1978 because we wanted to raise our family in a small rural community in a beautiful setting. My children have grown up and moved on but I still love the community we chose. I want that small rural community to remain a healthy, safe, beautiful place to live and raise a family.”

For Town Supervisor:

Mike Allinger

For Town Judge:

William Greener:

“We have to believe that the various authors of the ‘Rule of Law’ used their best judgment in crafting such a philosophy and the mechanics by which it operates. We must not, however, let the use of judgment end there; rather, judges (including Town Justices) can judiciously apply the Rule of Law in a way that at least raises a self-curiosity in each convicted offender’s mind- why did I act outside the boundaries of the culture that I live in?
Fines and sentences are forms of punishment, but I hope they can also be motivators for self-reflection by which we can all become better people.
As Newfield Town Justice this is the approach I will use to fulfill my duties.

Bill Greener
Registered US Patent Attorney
NY Super Lawyers 2019
Best Lawyers in America 2019
‘Executing beyond technique ‘”