Welcome to the website of the Newfield Democrats. We are glad you are visiting today and hope you will spend a few minutes learning more about us as well as about opportunities for civic engagement.

We are organized as the Newfield Democratic Committee, with some of our members also representing Newfield on The Tompkins County Democratic Committee.

Although our backgrounds and opinions are diverse, we are united by two key beliefs:

First, that government at all levels should serve the common good and should work to improve the quality of life for all.

Second, that a community does best when its members actively take care of each other and the natural world that sustains us and work for a fair share for all.

We feel privileged to live in a town like Newfield. We greatly value the town’s clean water and air, its natural areas and wildlife, its rural small-town character and historic sites, including our beloved covered bridge. Protecting all of these and building community are important to us.

If you share these values, we would love to have you join us as we work to recruit and elect candidates locally, support Democratic candidates at the state and national levels, and take action on issues of concern.

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Send us an email: newfield.ny.democrats@gmail.com

Tompkins County Democratic Committee: www.tcdemocrats.org